Wednesday, February 07, 2007

WBW # 30: Winner's Tank 2005 Shiraz Langhorne Creek

I don’t drink a lot of shiraz; I'm most likely to have this grape in a Cote du Rhone. So I was interested in giving it a try for this WBW, which focuses on the New World versions of this varietal. I didn’t find the Kissing Bridge Shiraz that was on a list of wines to try from Wilf from Wilf’s Wine Press, so I asked for help at Giles, our local wine shop.

When I mentioned I like zins a lot, I quickly got steered in the direction of this Winner’s Tank 2005 Shiraz Langhorne Creek. This South Australia wine had gotten a 91 from Parker and was priced at $18, so it was an easy choice to make this my WBW entry.

This shiraz had a deep purple hue, giving the look of a dense wine. I got a heady bouquet of violets; a whiff of spring despite being the heart of winter. My first taste I picked up tones of vanilla, and noted the smooth, velvety finish. Sipping a bit more, I was struck by the BIG FRUIT taste of this wine. The fruit taste was so powerful it was a bit hard to place what fruit I was tasting, berry I suppose.

A little research on the Langhorne Creek region suggests cooling southerly breezes help moderate the temperatures to the benefit of the grapes. The open flood plains of the Bremer river allow for large vineyards. The higher yields in this area with good climate and soil produce some nice bargains.

While Parker gave this bottle high marks, it seems to get mixed reviews online. Those who don’t like it are probably looking for something more subtle. Subtle this bottle is not. But in my book, the big, bold, straightforward fruit taste was a nice accompaniment for the brisket I made following Kevin’s recipe on Seriously Good.

And the most important scoring system: I plan to buy up several more bottles of the Winner’s Tank Shiraz. In addition to being a good match for hearty winter fare, I can see this pairing well with grilled meat when summer comes around.


ML said...

Unfortunately, we don't have that wine here :( However, I think I would like it because I really go for the heavy duty tasting wines.

I'm also a fan of Zins, so your reviews make me sit up and take notice :)

rachel said...

That sounds good! I bought a Shiraz and was all ready for an awesome post, but I didn't have time. Work got in the way of the fun stuff :)

By the way, Tag! You're it . . .

wheresmymind said...

I do love shiraz...mmm!